Be the one in a million

Be the one in a million

Thursday, January 27, 2011

3+ mths break ???

mohe hs announced tht new sem fr e 2011/2012 acadmc year will b commencing in september.
at first, i thought iium will not b affected since it was always bein e dffrnt frm e rest of e varsities, it has its own acadmc calendar, own upu applctn etc. then, it came to notice tht e semester students r all affected.
i ws still thinking tht students with block-system will b exempted frm e long break. but deep in my heart, i can see it would so irrational bcs its some sort like govt order n all e edu loans n scholarship agencies ought to obey e rule by paying e students acc to e new commencement date. so, thr might b no space fr exceptional.
now, e kulliyah of medicine admin hs officially announced tht new sem will b commencing in sept!!!
if i knew this earlier, i would take e driving course at my place, saving hundreds of RM plus no tension.
what should i do during e long break??? no plan in mind except fr one thg....

supposedly aftr e professional xm, thr'll b 6-7wks break. n even w that "short" break, seniors r saying tht they've frgtn e basics. what more if 3+ months????  i've to revise all e BMS + clinical subjects in tht 3 months time!!! w/out re-revising, i'm sure evrthg will necrotize n infiltrate w inflmtry cells, n some may even infarct,'uzubillah, not hoping fr tht kind of thgs.
seriously, hv no gut to gt scold frm e clinical docs. if surgery wld b e 1st posting, my God...anatomy!!!!

it will b very useful if KOM cn arrange any educational prog fr us, OR,
uhmmmm, i hope they cn issue us a "clinical license" so tht we cn pre-practice our so unpolished clinical skills at any teaching hosp. or even to a peripheral clinic wil b suffice. at least, learning just by watching wht e docs r doin. will tht b possible??? can we hv it??? inshaAllah, if e intention is pure, it can b done.
but if it wil b bothersome for all e parties, well, nothg to say.

uhmm, may b somethg will hppn in my life, smthg whc wil b a turning point in my life, whc wil b beneficial enough fr me, in tht 3 mths time ;p
anyway, inshaAllah, i'll step into clinical world one day.... :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

looking for a perfect life-partner????

ya Allah, how difficult can it b to find for someone who would b a part of our life in future??? every1 is talking abt getting married, some w having a would-be n some w/out hvng any, but e main point is to get married...
yea, it is Rasulullah sunnah to get married, it is somethg wonderful tht u'll strt ur life, ur own life, ur own family, nice na...
but e question here, e journey to get married, 1st n foremost to find our so-called perfect-match. asking n querying  here n there. jobs, hometown, siblings, family, height, look, bla, bla, bla etc...non-stop questions just to say no at last, damn it, haha.

mom told me today, if we (parents) looked for u someone, inshaAllah u'll b happy w him.. n she asked me to look at wht hppn to those whom u find on ur own, nothg work out!! those words stabbed right onto e heart.
that moment, only one thing came to my mind, i'll marry w my steth, n i want no one else in my future life as partner (actually it came out of my frustration n ws silly when re-thought abt it). tht made me realise smthg, its not about who looked for our future spouse, it is that how or e way we search for 'it'.
 if it is made for e sake of Allah, then thgs will go smoothly inshaAllah.. but if thgs made out of lust, then na'uzubillah, we'll find difficulties in doin it. n e point here, when someone looked for partner on eir own (coupling, dating etc. pre-marriage), it'll be more to desire, n if parents looked for it, then it'll b more to responsibilities n care...
p/s : (N/A for those who r now at this moment after reading my this sentence saying > "what e hell she's trying to say, it is not necessary to b so)

i believe life wont go as easy as that, so many procedures hv to go thru just to accomplish a marriage..
yea, what mom said might b true. of course as parents, they will b choosing e best one for eir children. tht was how it worked those days, she gave examples all those black n white flashbacks of how her marriage was arranged w my father. but, will it b working now, in this present era where people r widely interacting thru this big big mega super giant social networking n etc???
nvm, i'll go for my mother, their choice will b mine, let's see whether or not it'll work for me
or what if i'll look someone for myself
or even worse if "it" is not written in my fate i.e. single forever
wallahu 'alam ;p


Saturday, January 15, 2011

what life without fun, learning to drive is under the gun !!!

                                                                                   life started to become miserable since 13th of december 2010. i didn't expect that will affect my life to such an extent that i feel like i'm the most dumb person on e earth. got scolded and insulted for uncountable times.
everyone will learn better from mistakes and experience is e greatest teacher. and seriously, mechanical thingy like ths is very hard for me to remember.

damn!! why on earth, people need to learn driving and why on earth, all these motor vehicles was invented???? sometimes i do raised these questions and i know how silly are those questions :( 

why is has became a necessity to know driving?? yea, it's important but why they are still lots of accidents occurring on road if everyone passed e jpj test?? nah, i'm not justifying my ignorance nor i'm being prejudice here. it's just that, my life is under pressure now and my stress level has exceeded e threshold. i feel like want to cry every time i realize that i suck in driving. all those driving trainers should take a teaching psychology course before they are recruited as a trainer. with that, they might understand how the trainees feel when they are not good in driving and to worse the condition, being suppressed by their trainers.

my trainer told me tht my right brain is not functioning because i cant control e steering wheel with my right hand whenevr i change e gear. i supposed it is my left part of brain isn't working if so. he doesn't even know e fact, and simply telling my brain is not functioning. his words are full of sarcasm. he claiming that i do not have common sense but he himself have no sense at all, as he smokes in a public place (one of e thg i hate most, people smoking around me n giving me the title of second-hand smoker. i hate them!!!!!). luckily, i can control my anger, otherwise, i think i would be kicked out from e driving school long time ago. teaching and learning are somethg noble. i love to learn but with someone who has a correct approach of teaching. anyway, i still respect him as someone who gives me knowledge no matter how his attitude is.

a fren of my father once told me, if anyone doesn't know how to drive, 
he/she is considered as a handicap!!! na'uzubillah...
when i first listen to that, seriously i felt like wanna scold him but since he is around my father's age, i just kept quiet. and now i can see tht what he said is true. i experienced it myself for e first time. but of course it is not really handicapped all e time but only when we sit on e car driver's seat ;p

i am just hoping for the best, what i deserve. if a drunkard qualifies for a driving license, then i think i'm better than him, while if someone like Schumacher doesn't deserve for a license, then i don't too...

Allah knows e best and no matter how long it takes, i believe that one day, i'll become a driver too [saying with confident, n bein emotional here as well ;(  hehe]