Be the one in a million

Be the one in a million

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


expected meningitis but did not expect it in an unexpected way. and now, expecting to achieve my previous expected aim and hoping that it won't turn to be an unexpected one.
expecting is not an easy job without an enough effort. anyway, the Power of Allah is beyond expectations.
Expectations will never come to help except when the expectations are based on a maximum effort + dhua + tawakkal. but still, again, Allah always has the Power to turn the expected things into an unexpected ending. it's then just up to us, how we're gonna face those unexpected events. expecting something and working towards it is satisfaction. but, we should always put in our mind that unexpected obstacles and unexpected means can always be there waiting for us in an unexpected ways. as a wise person said, expect for the worse. i think it was said because he/she had a history of experiencing an unexpected ending after having a high expectation on something.
if the unexpected thing is pleasant, alhamdulillah, but if it is not, then na'uzubillah. anyway, wallahu 'alam.