Be the one in a million

Be the one in a million

Monday, June 27, 2011

in a confused phase of life...... @_@

in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

Holidays, provide us plenty of time to do lots of thgs.. vacation, cooking, hanging out, revising, bein online 24/7, tv, games, n many more.. but for me, it's quite different, it gave me a plenty of time to think, get confused n re-think. n that is not something easy to do as mentioned. some might say, thinking is a normal process, everyone thinks every time, so what's so special about it??
yea, that's very true. what's wrong with thinking, how's my thinking differ from others? i don't know, but i'm gonna say, i'm sure no one thinks like me..sorry2, i should say it in a different way, no one thinks like i do.

what am i actually thinking??? what makes me think?? who evokes me to think?? so what if i'm thinking??

i'm thinking of e past, present n future, thinking of my responsibilities, thinking of my weakness, thinking of my confusion, thinking of my sadness, thinking of my problems, thinking of my family, thinking of my life, thinking of my friends, thinking of my foes n thinking n thinking.. and sadly, the fruit is nothing but headache.

this phase of life is really confusing. some said e teen-time is the most critical phase of life. for me, alhamdulillah, my teen's life goes well w/out any hassle. but now, everything seems to go against me. so many people coming in n going out from my life.. some leave happiness while others sorrow.. some are confusing, some are brain-washing me, some are concern, some are giving hope, some are annoying, some are insisting, some are hoping, some are depending n some remain silent....

in one side of my li'l world, i'm trying to figure out how to improve my life while helping others n on e other side, these people are influencing my decisions n stands in life.

what should i do at this point of life??? whom should i trust??? can i just let the time to decide it??
i'm confused......................

Saturday, June 25, 2011

"it's so like me"!!! sharing a recipe :D

a fren of mine asked me e othr day to share a recipe of an indian cuisine.. so, here am i.. r u ready??  hahaha..
first masuk kn bawang, bunga cengkih, kayu manis dalam periuk (no oil k). then masuk kn ayam/daging. then, ginger+garlic (blended), tairu, serbuk kunyit n serbuk cili. add tomato. bagi dia, i mean meat tu masak. if daging tunggu for around 2-3hours for it to be cooked properly. if ayam may be 1/2hour, no? haha.. depends la.. pandai2 eh.. lepas dah agak2 dah masak tu, tambah ghee, tomato puree, briyani powder (either yg ready made or yg original one) bawang n tomato again, blended cashew with some milk powder (original recipe ni, we wont use santan :p )
last part, masuk kn basmathi rice n water accordingly. biar dia masak. last sekali masuk kn daun ketumbar n bawang goreng. then dah siap!!!!

sorry my dear fren, i'm not sure about all those measurement, kite main campak je n alter. try it, n hope u enjoy it!! kalau xjadi mintak maaf ye my dear fren.. n sorry gak if bahasa macam tak masuk akal, faham2 ye..hehe..peace!!!

sekadar gambar hiasan hehe..