Be the one in a million

Be the one in a million

Sunday, December 11, 2011

After all, I'm not from their own.

Bismillah ar-Raman ar-Rahim
In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious.

Why is this kinda feeling runs in my mind? Why am I keep thinking that I'm burdening them? Why do I feel that they can't accept me as what I am? Why loneliness still surrounds me even when there are many 'friends' around me? Apparently, I've no answers for all these questions which keep disturbing me.

Am I a complicated thinker or do I suffer from any form of paranoia?? I feel it, truly. Yea, I speak languages which are foreign for them, my choices of food differ from theirs', my taste doesn't suit them, the way I was brought up is also different, my way of thinking or mentality sometimes seem to be weird for them, my entertainment is totally strange for them, and I can't be or don't want to be like them.

But, one thing definitely  connects us, our Creator is One, our deen is our way of life, and our purpose of life is to worship none other than Him. That's the thing that comfort me at this point, no matter how 'alien' I am, but these similarity can make me survive till now. Grateful to Allah, He who understands His creatures and has provided enough sustenance for each of us, alhamdulillah. HE who created us unique in our own form.
O Allah, grant me peace of mind, peace of soul and calmness in facing calamities. aamiin.