Be the one in a million

Be the one in a million

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Love your parents, even if you have become one..

Bismillah ar - Rahman ar - Rahim
In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
Peace upon Muhammad,  the Messenger of Allah

Few months back, I saw an elderly man (by definition aged 65 & above) in a bus on the way to home from the hospital. I saw grief in his eyes, I can feel that there is pain in his heart. Don't ask me how 'cos I myself have no idea why I was put in such a condition. Walking very slowly with antalgic gait, both his feet are swollen most likely renal failure (I guess) and his right upper limb is paralysed. 
He sat next to a lady, and his seat was opposite of mine. Looking at his condition, the concern lady asked him
Lady: Uncle, Where are you going?
Uncle: To Klang
Lady: Are you going back home?
Uncle: "shooked his head side-to-side"
Lady: Where are your children uncle?? You came alone??
Uncle: "silent"......
Lady (to another lady sitting nearby): Pity him, seems like he is alone and nobody there to help him.
Watching the scene, I told to myself, "If this uncle gets down to the same stop as mine, I'm gonna help him to reach his destination". I was staring at him, thinking how hard his life could be. Suddenly, the uncle turned his head and looked at me. (You know, sometimes people can realise when someone looking at them for quite a long time, telepathy la they say)...
I was so stupid that I still  staring at him. Then I saw tears in his eyes, and in few seconds tears rolling down from my eyes!!! Allah... I just can't control myself. 
I quickly turned my head to the other side. My stop came, I have to get down now, I hope that uncle will reach his destination safely and I hope Allah grant him guidance. 

Few days after that, I and a colleague of mine were clerking a patient in the ortho ward, he was admitted for hip prosthetic dislocation. While asking him and his wife about their social history,  they started to story about their son who "abandoned" them after got married. They said that they send him to UK to study law, few months after he graduated, he got married with a girl of his choice and staying farway from the family. They just can't contact him as his number is always out of reach. Then this uncle told me something which really striked me. He said that once I graduate and become a doctor (in'sha'Allah), I will get marry within few months and then I won't be contributing anything to my parents who brought me up and wanted to see me as a doctor very much as I will be very busy in my new life. I was speechless for few moments (deep in my mind I was like asking this uncle, what's ur problem, u don't even know who am I, but it was just an internal monologue), then the auntie who was listening to her husband said that "not all children will be like our son". I smiled. I can say that these folks are definitely depressed with their son. 

I don't know why those two incidents hit me. I have to learn a lesson from them, otherwise,  there'll be no point in these things came across my life.
There is no way my parents gonna read my blog as they are not really into this technology thingy, but if they happen to read this, I would really like to tell them that I love them very much and I want them to be with me forever in this world and in the hereafter. I do sometimes rebel and go against them, but only Allah knows why I behave in such a way. Allah knows there is something in my heart that I couldn't express to my parents, and I really hope that it'll be revealed to them some day. There are some people out there ("they"), "they" say that I don't always go home, I am the one who stayed for the least duration with family compared to others, I took care of them very little when they are in need (those words hurt me very much, as "they" were never in my shoes and "they" have no idea why it was so) but I don't care what "they" think, as long as my parents understand me, in'sha'Allah I will repay my parents with kindness later. Na'uzubillah I don't want to be among those who neglect their parents once settling down in life. Parents never expect money or any shares from us, all they need are tender, love and care......