Be the one in a million

Be the one in a million

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

little malay understands more!!

was walking bck frm pbl to cafe talhah. n kak lina's (e beverage- waffle, nasi lemak- stall-keeper) 8 y/o daughter ws sitting at e garden in front of cafe. looking at e cute girl, i was saying a hi n short chat w here when suddenly she asked me this question whc made me quite shocked. her q ws
                           "akak ni melayu ke inggeris??"

seriously, i ws speechless tht moment.
for what tht lil' 8 y/o girl knew ws only a thg abt uia students, thr r two categories of 'em.
1st> malay (whc i supposed she meant e m'sian citizens studying here n majority of 'em r malays)
2nd> foreigners who go to her mother stall n speak in english (and i can surely say here none of 'em r english).

but how shld i make ths lil' girl to understnd that thg??? after all i am neither a malay nor an english. i ws struggling to answer her q.
first thg tht came into my mind when a malay person ask me tht kinda q is e experience i had for e past 15 years.
it wasn't a good experience. an experience tht i bet will keep taking place repeatedly in my life by time to time till e end, unless i leave this country.
started at kindergarten then to primary school to secondary to national service programme to cfs n till now here in uia kuantan.

Malay friends asked me whenever they came to know that i speak languages whc r uncommon among 'em (i.e. urdhu n tamil) qs asked> "ayah masuk islam ke mak?" or, "bila masuk islam?" or, "sambut tak deepavali?" or, many thgs for whc i felt so much irritated to hear it, wht more in answering it??
i will answer each of their question n was seriously tired to explain them my history. but, i hv to do it in order to defend my origin!! till at one point, e subject sejarah i took during my secondary school came into help 1st time in life. the history of how Islam spread into Tanah Melayu (k.k.a. malaysia). Acc to e history>
      "Islam dibawa ke Tanah Melayu dan disebarkan melalui perdagangan oleh saudagar2 Islam dari negara Arab, India dan China"

It helped me to come out with a point. Then, when in cfs pj, people there raised e  same q again, i explained to 'em e history n told 'em that my ancestors embraced Islam long before theirs. That ws my saviour.

And, now, i am here, in uia kuantan. Colleagues here r 20 years ++  but their mentality, ya rabbi, i don't know what to say. Again e same question raised. This time, i really got fed up with their thinking n questions, so i just gave a yes or no answer. I don't know till when i have to face this dilemma.

why can't they understand a simple clear thing??? Islam is wide n universal. It is not that if someone is a Muslim, he/she must be a Malay (i'm talking about situation in Malaysia).
      "O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and female, and nation and tribes,      that you may know each other (not that you may despise each other). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things)." [Quran, 49:13, Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation]

so, what is e big deal here??? Indian, Chinese, american, Japanese, e Burma-s etc. can all be born as Muslims and have ancestors being Muslims for centuries!!!
this verse doesn't state that Allah has created only one tribe n all Muslims belong to tht tribe, no!!! never!!!! even the Arabs didn't claim that Islam is theirs n they never asked e non-Arab Muslims whether their mother or father embraced Islam or when they embraced Islam or are they celebrating any other religions', they don't!!!
 so, why are some Malaysian Malay Muslims are asking those questions to non-Malay Muslims in M'sia?? I'm wondering n confused....

hey, okay2.. back to the story.
after her question,
a simple but complicated answer i gave her.
                       "akak bukan melayu, akak bukan inggeris"

then she asked again  "akak ni melayu ke inggeris??" n i replied e same. 
then i told her i speak malay bcos i studied in a malay-based school but i'm not a malay. i'm fret that if i told her that i'm an Indian, she'll misunderstood it as my adult Malay colleagues did. so, i just smiled at her.

then out of sudden, i don't know wht came to her mind, she asked me "akak india ke?" 

i was relieved bcos she answered tht question whc i struggled to answer. but at e same time, i was worried that she'll asked me those annoying n irritating questions. since "big" people can raise those low-mentality questions, it'll not be a surprise for a small kid to ask it. 
but for my surprise, she asked me somethg whc ws out of my expectation.

                                 "akak, cakap bahasa india"

she requested me to speak tamil. subahanallah, what a maturity she has which her adults don't. then i spoke two pieces of sentences to her, n translated it. she tried to imitate it but it doesn't work. then she was laughing in excitement. may be she never heard anyone speaking tamil to her before. her joyful face that time is still fresh in my memory.

then, i left that place n went inside the cafe. i was smiling thinking of her. may be she didn't think tht matter too complex as her adults did. for her, may be everyone is human being with just variation in languages. only Allah know what she is thinking of.

anyway, i am proud to say that i am an Indian Muslim, originating from a village in India, born in Malaysia n i do speak my mother tongue (Urdu) and father tongue (Tamil) in front of e public without any hesitation !

Sunday, December 19, 2010


was looking thru' Quran before performing my isya' n my eyes stared a while at this particular page, specifically these two verses>
     " O you who believe! Why say you that which you do not?
       Grievously odious is it in sight of Allah that you say which you do not"
       (sura' al-saff; 2-3) (abdullah yusuf ali translation)

i was stunned for a moment.. wait, am i interpreting the verses correctly?? is it that my understanding of english is not good in this matter?? n here i found another translation 

[Saff 61:2] O People who Believe! Why do you preach what you do not practice?
[Saff 61:3] How despicable it is in the sight of Allah that you may preach what you do not practice.

now, i'm confident of what i'm gonna write. all of us used n i can say love to advise people to do this n that, but in fact we ourselves r not doin it. when i read the meaning of these verses, i mirror myself of being like that. 

looking out for the meanings of the red colored words, made me feel so scared seriously..

Grievously  = very severe , odious = extremely unpleasant
Grievously odious = very severely and extremely unpleasant

despicable = deserving hatred and contempt (the word how before it showing to an extent and degree)

astaghfirullah al-'azim

My Lord, forgive me.. 

a simple example in daily life i would like to dictate here,
as a future medical practitioner, i have to advise my patients to live a healthy life, eat healthy etc. but, i'm not doin any of those thgs.. for instance, i just had a bowl of "M A G G I" which i supposed is not a healthy food (+++ MSG).. hehe (but seriously, no jokes)...

thats just a very simple example. how about preaching Islam??? the muslim countries' leaders today who are responsible for preaching Islam in a best way, are they practising it properly at a first place.. I still remember one of e muslim country leader was talking about Islam n civilization of Islam, but his wife not even wearing a hijab??? thats so awkward!!! 
most of the so called muslim countries leaders and citizens are actually resembling a very bad example of Islam to the world!!! 

another devastating example, the muslim extremists who are killing each other n taking revenge upon their enemies in a very inappropriate way, ya rabbi, i just can't understand and can't imagine under which name are they performing jihad?? only God knows...

the fault here is obviously in the MUSLIMS themselves n not in ISLAM.. NEVER JUDGE ISLAM JUST BY THE WRONG WAY OF THE MUSLIMS ACTIONS!!!

i'm reminding here to myself as well, i hope muslims in the world will show a good example of Islam in their daily life and practise Islamic teachings before they start to perform da'wa..even simpler things in life, never advise people on somethg if you are not doing it.. act as u say!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

human never change!

"on that day we knew about human behaviour. when our friend fails, we feel sad and when the friend comes first in ranking, we feel more sad". it was quoted from 3 idiots hindi movie, madhavan's monologue (of course e translation). damn, seriously, human never change!!! even myself has felt so, to an extent that i felt so inferior in front of that fren , hehe..
when e result was about to be announced, i prayed a lot, hoping that i can at least pass e exam, n when it was out n i passed, i was feeling bad about e ranking n wished to get a higher one. n i think if in case i got a higher ranking, i will be wishing to get a distinction instead!!! (hahaha, what an exaggerative wish).... why are human always not being grateful???
here, a Quranic verse comes into my mind
        "When distress seizes you at sea, those that ye call upon - besides Himself - leave you in the lurch! but when He brings you back safe to land, ye turn away (from Him). Most ungrateful is man!  
(  سورة الإسراء  , Al-Isra, Chapter #17, Verse #67)"

yeah, that verse implies till now, at this moment. most men are ungrateful. Gandhi has once said> the world is always enough for men's need but will never be enough for men's greed. very true...

i am fret that one day i will be one of those men, may Lord guide me. i just don't understand why people can change so drastically just because of worldly life. can't they think that we all will be the food for earthworms one day??? can't they see the truth and guidance from Allah which is very clear??? or these may be e signs that e world is going to end, only God knows....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I thought i do have one

every one have one, n of course i hope they having a happy one... but, for me, i dont know whthr i'm satisfied wth mine or not.. yea, of course i have to be grateful to Allah for giving me one, alhamdulillah.. in a hope of going to make it a happy one, im trying my best, but it seems not working... hope one day i can build one with grace from Lord, insha'Allah.. l do learnt somethg from the one that i have,
>life is too short to waste time hating people
>do not compare your life with others bcs u have no idea how their life is
>cry with someone, it's more healing than crying alone